Why Bookamat?

The Greatest Barrier To Growth

In September 2015 we conducted a survey that asked Pilates business owners from around South Africa what they thought was the biggest barrier to growing their business. The number 1 response to that question was “lack of time”.

29% of the same 48 respondents said that they spend more than 30 minutes a day on administration, some up to 2 hours a day, while almost 1 in 5 said that the time spent on administration is “a constant burden”.

To put this into perspective, consider that an average Pilates studio can make around R600 an hour by booking 6 clients into a class, each paying R100. If the same studio spends 30 minutes a day on administration or 10 hours a month, that adds up to R6000 a month in potential lost revenue.

Reading further into the survey and over the respondents’ anecdotal responses, we got a clearer picture of what was causing all this time-consuming administration. Here follow a few of the respondent’s answers to the question, what is the greatest challenge to running a Pilates business?

  • “The admin of keeping track of how many classes each client has attended each month.”
  • “The constant chopping and changing of classes. Following up on who has paid and who hasn’t.”
  • “Managing studio schedule and client schedules.”

Interestingly most of the respondents also said they try to keep track of their client bookings using a mixture of their mobile phone, email, WhatsApp and pen and paper. To add to the administrative confusion 46% said they accept cash-in-hand regularly and 92% said they don’t take online payments at all.

Convinced of being able to make a positive change to this clear issue, we prepared a small team of experts in Pilates, business consulting, design and IT, and set to work.

After months of collaborative teamwork, Bookamat.co.za was launched in Cape Town in July 2016 to the excitement of studio owners and their clients. Since then Bookamat has managed tens of thousands of client bookings and seen strong growth and continued interest in Bookamat from around South Africa. Our clients have told us:

  • “It has reduced my time spent on admin.”
  • “The system is friendly and easy to use.”
  • “Clients are happy with it and you have done a great job.”
  • “It is a very exciting program, I have been searching for one for a few years that was local and not dollar based as it cripples the studios.”

So if you run a Pilates, yoga or fitness business, and are struggling with growing your business, we invite you to discover how much time can be saved with automated client invoices and linked client accounts which allow students to create and manage their own bookings 24/7, helping businesses maximise client attendance with minimal effort. It might just be the user-friendly and affordable solution that you have been looking for.