Retreats, Workshops and Events

Did you know that Bookamat can also help you host retreats, workshops and events? If your event is for 50 people or less, ditch the separate ticketing website and set it up on Bookamat.

Here are some great benefits of using Bookamat for events:

Payment-Received-Green  Choose your preferred payment methods (EFT, cash or card, etc)
Payment-Received-Green  Set maximum spaces for the event
Payment-Received-Green  Create pricing for early bird bookings, full price or concessions
Payment-Received-Green  Promote your event on social media using a unique ‘book now’ link
Payment-Received-Green  Easy for clients to book
Payment-Received-Green  Fully integrated with your normal class schedule

If you would like to discuss how your Bookamat can benefit your business, please contact us at info@bookamat.co.za.