Press Release

As Seen In FitnessHIS Edition

Bookamat recently appeared in the FitnessHis May – June 2018 Edition with an article from CEO and Founder Benjamin Shannon as follows:

Pilates, yoga and fitness professionals across South Africa can now choose a locally made booking and scheduling system ( to manage their client administration, bookings and payments.


Founder and CEO, Benjamin Shannon, says, “Bookamat was developed on the back of a survey we conducted in 2015 which asked South African studio owners in the Pilates industry about the challenges they face running and growing their businesses.”


“The majority (71%) of the 48 respondents said they were looking to grow their businesses but the number one challenge facing them was lack of time. Interestingly we also discovered that a staggering 92% were using pen and paper, Whatsapp and email to manage their bookings. 92% were not using online payments.”


“There was little wonder why almost one in three respondents said they spent more than 30 minutes a day on client administration.”


Shannon explains that the online scheduling space for fitness professionals in South Africa is dominated by US based companies which often charge in US dollars and don’t offer integrated online payments in SA.


“We saw an opportunity to offer local fitness professionals a scheduling platform to help them better way to manage their time and generate more bookings at a price they could afford.” He says.


Since launching in 2016, Bookamat has been a success with Pilates studios and has expanded into yoga, HIIT, Barre and other fitness activities. They are also partnering with corporate wellness providers to offer fitness classes to employees.


Shannon says, ‘We’ve been thrilled with the growth and feedback from businesses and their clients to date but the real cherry on top is when businesses tell us they’ve tried the competition but chose to go with Bookamat.”