The Benefits Of Integrated Payments

One of the greatest challenges to running and growing a class based business is managing the ongoing client administration.

There’s no hiding from it, more clients bring more revenue but they also bring more invoicing, more chasing late payments and more unpaid no shows.

Thankfully Bookamat has a simple solution.


Introducing Integrated Online Card Payments 

Included with all Bookamat business accounts is the option for clients to pay for bookings online using their credit or debit card.

Online payments are GREAT for businesses because they mean:

Payment-Received-Green  Guaranteed upfront payments
Payment-Received-Green  No chasing late payments
Payment-Received-Green  No unpaid no shows
Payment-Received-Green  Automatic booking confirmation
Payment-Received-Green  No manual EFT and cash payments updates
Payment-Received-Green  No invoices
Payment-Received-Green  No fuss and no risk


And your clients will LOVE the convenience of being able to pay online because of:

Payment-Received-Green  Immediate booking confirmation
Payment-Received-Green  No cash handling or logging onto internet banking
Payment-Received-Green  Simple, quick and secure payments


The price for this time saving convenience is 5% per transaction, or less than the price of a cup of coffee for each student who attends four group classes a month.

All transactions are paid out by the 10th day of each month into your nominated bank account along with a detailed statement.

If you would like to discuss how our integrated online card payments can benefit your business, please contact us at info@bookamat.co.za.